Local SEO Campaign

The main task of SEO is to ensure that your website reaches the top of the SERPs for your targeted keywords. The keywords that you choose to target are those that your audience would most probably type in the search bar when searching for things related to your niche. A sub category of SEO is local SEO, where the main task is to ensure that people in the locality where your business is situated and provides services are able to find you.
Local SEO basically targets the audience situated within your business’s locality, so that the people looking for services from businesses present within their locality can find you easily. With SEO, your target audience is pretty general, and so the competition is higher as well. With local SEO, your target audience is specifically present in a certain region, so the competition is lower.

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Take an example of a dog veterinary service that provides its services in New York. In SEO, you would be targeting keywords like ‘dog veterinary’, and since there are a large number of dog vets in the world, the competition for the keyword would be huge. Finding the top spot for such a keyword would be pretty tough. And even if you did, people from all over the world would be visiting the website. This would lead to an increase in traffic, but the conversion rate would be very low, as most people won’t be able to visit the service center due to geographical issues. With local SEO, a dog veterinary service in New York would target additional keywords, like ‘dog veterinary service New York’. Since there wouldn’t be a large number of dog vets within New York itself, the competition would be less and as a result, gaining a top position would be easy. Secondly, only those people who live in New York would search such a combination of keywords. So, the traffic might be less, but the traffic would be very specific, and would have no geographical issues either.

It is important to understand that local SEO is a type of SEO where the main techniques of SEO remain the same, but the targeted keywords and the focus of the SEO campaign are on attracting people living in a certain region.

Benefits of Using our Local SEO Services

Our qualified and well-experienced SEO experts know SEO in and out and know the types of businesses that can gain an edge over their competition through local SEO. With our local SEO service, you can expect:

  • Top page rankings for keywords that are related to your niche and that target the region where your business operates.
  • An increase in traffic from people who live in and around the region where your business is physically located.
  • An increase in customers present in your region, which will help establish your business as a local entity.

So, what are you waiting for? For the best local SEO services that will elevate your geo-targeted business to the top and leave the competition behind, contact us right now!