Social Media Marketing: Know Your Platform

It is a must for every business to have social media accounts.
The content posted on them really depends on the company, but do you realize that each site should be approached differently? The common mistake of companies that own several accounts is relying on posts on one account, just because the other sites are connected anyways. Oftentimes, those who own Facebook accounts connect them to their Twitter account, but they do not update the Twitter account separately.

They simply allow all of their Facebook posts to just get tweeted on their Twitter accounts, and that is all they do for the Twitter side. Whatever mix of accounts you have, I’m sure you cannot deny that situations like this happen sometimes, especially if you get very busy. However, this approach is a waste of the potential your other accounts hold to keep the interest of your followers. It is not just about updates, but also about engaging an audience.
How do you fix it?
To maximize the potential of your sites, you have to understand how each platform works. Facebook posts should be different from tweets and should also be different from the stories you share on Google Plus. Each of these platforms has their own features and styles, which anyone looking to gain a large following should understand. If you do not know these things, you will not be able to attract a large follower base and keep them interested.

Don’t understand how social media networks work? We do!
Our staff is very well-versed in the features and culture of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Because these sites aim at developing different kinds of communities, they also have different cultures, which we have an understanding of. We can:
Create viewer-friendly posts and content appropriate to the particular site
Remain available and responsive to followers and friends
Monitor client and follower activities and interests
Streamline profile to become more attractive
If you want to be able to maximize your accounts’ performance, then leave it to us. Visit our office or shoot us an email to get started!