PPC (AdWords) Management

SEO is not the only way to get your website to the top of SERPs for targeted keywords. Pay Per Click (PPC) can do the same. There are basically three differences.

  • Top Rankings Guaranteed

    With SEO, you can achieve top rankings in organic results, while with PPC, you can achieve the top spot on sponsored listings (which appear on the top side of searches).

  • Paid Clicks

    While SEO is free in the sense that the search engine doesn’t demand any payment for putting your website on the first page or so, PPC is a paid method in which the search engine is paid for hosting the website’s ad at the top of the results for certain keywords.

  • Fast Results

    And lastly, SEO is often a long-term solution and cannot propel your website to the top within days. On the other hand, with PPC, your website can achieve a top spot within hours.

ppc management

Pay Per Click is very exciting in the sense that you can get quick results. However, most people get it wrong and end up overpaying for spots which are too low or for leads which simply aren’t interested in buying anything. The thing to be understood is that with SEO, you want everyone who wants to know about your niche to come to your website, and so your focus keywords must be very broad. However, with PPC, since you would be paying for attracting each visitor to your website, you would only want to attract people who are interested in buying your services. So, your focus keywords should be specific.
Another thing with PPC is to ensure that you bid correctly and put a cap on your budget so that you can attract a good amount of visitors without over-spending for them. Most people end up paying a higher CPC (Cost Per Click) than required to achieve the top rank or to achieve a position on the first page.

Successful PPC Campaign

For a successful PPC campaign, a strong and well-written ad is necessary. The ad should focus on the keyword and deliver an attractive message that compels the interested buyers into clicking on the ad. Ads with good CTRs (Click Through Rates) get a better Quality Score by search-engines and get better placement than those ads with a lesser Quality Score.
While PPC is obviously not child’s play, our expertise in the field has allowed us to formulate techniques that can deliver excellent results within restricted budgets.


Our PPC management services include:

  • Proper selection of the most effective keywords through effective online research, which will attract only the most qualified leads to your website.
  • Selecting a proper bid amount along with the right budget cap so as to maximize the number of visitors that can be attracted in a single day without overpaying.
  • Drafting a well-written ad that highlights the focus keyword and attracts qualified leads to your website.
  • Setting up traffic metrics that will calculate the leads generated and conversions made so as to properly identify the impact on the PPC campaign.

So, if you really want to get to the top within days, we can launch a strong and effective PPC and Adwords campaign, which will yield the best results. Check out our PPC Plans.