Five Tips to Improve Your SEO

When you are thinking about search engine optimization, it may seem an insurmountable task to improve your website for SEO

However, when you follow a few simple pieces of advice, you can improve the SEO of your website without having to change your behavior too much. It can be rewarding to make these changes, and by adding in some of these tips to your already high-calibre website, you can increase the pride that you take in your website and business and use that pride to motivate new customers to further partake of your services or goods.

The first and most important factor in improving the effectiveness of your website’s search-engine-optimized content is to make sure that it is proofread. This will make you more likely to receive higher rankings in the search engine, because a lot of the metrics of website algorithms look for high-quality articles, and one of the things that can decrease the quality of an article is if the grammar and spelling are off. Not only do you need to ensure that the spelling and grammar make sense for the sake of quality, but how can someone find your articles if your keywords are spelled incorrectly?

Do Not Machine Spin Articles
Another factor to ensuring that you improve the SEO of your website is to make sure that all of your content is original and written by a human. Many people will attempt to use a machine or program to spin or mechanically rewrite an article for the website. They will typically take an article that is ranking high in the same search results that they are targeting, and then machine spin it. However, the algorithms can detect this, and it will make it much harder for your site to get listed in the premium spots. This can even affect your placement in paid advertising, as websites like Google place a premium on high-quality content, and spun content is not high quality.

Write Articles of Real Value
Another way to ensure that your search engine optimization works to the best of its ability is to ensure that the articles that you write have real value. You want to be sure and write articles that give the reader something new to learn, not something that they already know, as more clicks will help your websites ranking.

Know Your Target Audience
Moreover, it is important that you know your target audience. For example, should you be the operator of a website that sells widgets for lawyers, you want to make sure that the information that you provide on your website directly relates to widgets for lawyers. One way you can do this is to write articles about different ways you can use widgets, or things that every lawyer should know about widgets. Articles with subjects like those previously mentioned will do well, because they will have information that your client is looking for.

Focus on Quality AND Quantity
The final thing you want to focus on as well is quantity AND quality. It may seem weird to focus on both and not just one; however, in 2015, the new rules rolling out for search engine optimization are saying that webmasters should focus on both. Most articles that hit the front page of Google searches are longer than 300 words, and they are also high-quality content that people want to see. So, if you want to have your business noticed, the best thing you can do is focus on not only the quality of the article, but the quantity of words that you use.